• A Spaceman Came Travelling (No Man’s Sky)

    “On his ship from afar… ‘Twas lightyears of time since his mission did start…”   Based on currently playing (and totally not addicted to) No Man’s Sky. So I was plodding around my latest discovered planet when a certain view made me stop and go “that’s illustration-worthy”. And so this!

  • 365 Days of Illustration Challenge – Day 1

    In a bid to break my trend of trouble sticking to my plans and promises to myself, I’ve started a 365 Days of Illustrations challenge, where from today I will commit myself to producing at least 1 image per day for a year. Day 1 and I manage to get this one done before lunch.…

  • New Computer Virus Character – Happy99

    Another personified computer virus has been added to the rogues gallery of virus characters! This time it’s Happy99. Based on its effects, I chose to portray the virus as a rave DJ wearing a smiley mask and a sock puppet. As you can tell, this one a very busy and “full-on” character image, but I…

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