• The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

    After playing Hearts of Stone, the first DLC expansion to The Witcher 3, I have illustrated Geralt of Rivia, Gaunter O’Dimm and Olgierd Von Everic.

  • Dream Image: The Man in Shadow and his White Dog

    This image is a direct illustration of a dream I had a while ago: being sat on a moonlit beach against a seafront wall in the company of an unknown man in shadow who had with him a large white dog. The man had a wise, hobo-guru vibe about him. After surfing dream analysis sites…

  • Computer Virus Character – Koobface

    Newest digital image. This one took 3 continuous mornings and afternoons to do, so tired now! This is of the villainous personification of the Koobface computer virus for a game project I’m a part of. I really enjoyed going crazy with the detailing and trying to make him look as grotty as possible!

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