• Needle Dragon (Custom Dragon Design)

    This here’s a custom dragon concept design, a digitisation of a sketch in my sketchbook I made a while ago. The needle dragon bears a noticeable abundance of needle-like protrusions all over its crystalline body. Wise and intelligent, but not safe for riding! Inspired by the several dragon species from How To Train Your Dragon.

  • Island Golem Comic Page

    This comic page is a little self-contained story involving the island golem creature I designed a good while back. As the text may be a little hard to read, this is the summary: A visitor is sat with a young woman outside her house on a small island she owns. He wonders why she doesn’t…

  • April Mitnick – Character Artwork

    A full artwork of my cyber-punk character April Mitnick, who has become something of a mascot character for me now. Maybe it’s because I find her so fun to draw.

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